Aff5260 Money Market Dealing

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AFF5260 Money Market Dealing


Name of Bank: BanK West

Day of Class: Wed

Date 22/08/2012

Key financial performance results to date:

Financial Performance Indicator | Target | Actual |

Turnover | 400million | |

Profit | 100,000 | |

Total transactions | 20 | |

Individual student contribution to this trading report

Name of student | Number of Hours | Total Percentage contribution |

Tai Ngo | 3.5 | 33.33 |

Long LI | 3.5 | 33.33 |

Jerry | 3.5 | 33.33 |

Total Hours | 10.5 | 100 |

The following statement must also be included and signed on the front cover of the Report.


I affirm that I have neither provided nor received any assistance during the completion of this assessment task other than that approved by the Chief Examiner”.


Failure to do provide the individual contribution to the trading report and/or the Honour Statement will result in a reduction of 30% of the total mark for each trading report.

Students may amend this report as they see appropriate when reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. Students should read the unit outline so they are aware of how the report will be marked.

Market view

Australia market background

The Australian economy that was once seen as a safe-haven for investors has recently released some negative sentiment to the global market regarding the medium to long term. Economic growth expectations for the next 12 months are estimated at 3.5% and uncertainty exists in regards what the CBM’s next move will be regarding interest rates. To add to the confusion regarding the future direction of the Australian economy conflicting rumors abound regarding the health of the Australian prime minister. The official stance is that the PM is on leave and that acting PM will be the deputy leader of the government who is “unelectable”. In this environment the key indicators will be the CPI and unemployment figures and...