Bayaning 3rd World

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Devilles, Marie Jeanne Frances G.


Reaction Paper

“Bayaning 3rd World”

“Bayaning 3rd world”, directed by Mike de Leon is about making a film for our national hero Jose Rizal. Mostly, it talks about controversial issues regarding Rizal wherein the film makers (Ricky Davao and Cris Villanueva) interviewed various people like Donya Lolay, Josephine Bracken, Paciano, Narcisa, Trining, Padre Balaguer and Rizal himself. They are searching for the truth regarding some issues that was left behind after Rizal’s death like the truth regarding the retraction letter, if Rizal really written and signed that retraction letter and did he marry Jospehine Bracken?, If he did was she the reason why he wrote the retraction letter? This is only some of the most controversial questions that were raised in the movie and the more the filmmakers seek the truth, the more questions are left unanswered. In the last part of the film entitled “Kanya Kanyang Rizal”, the filmmakers concluded that we all have our own views of Rizal and in spite of all the controversies about him, it wouldn’t change the fact that he gave a big contribution in the freedom of our country and he still serves as an inspiration for all of us.

This movie is very different compared to the other historical films because it’s a film within a film and I enjoyed watching it because it’s very funny and I learned more about Rizal, not just the basic things a student needs to know but the more important things about Rizal. I have noticed that there are a lot more controversies about Rizal because there are still a lot of people who wants to bring him down. It is said to be the battle between democracy and communism because communists want to point out that Rizal was an American sponsor hero and that Bonifacio is better because he is a man of the masses. The communists want more supporters in bringing Rizal down so they dig out more controversies about him so people would have a negative view about Rizal....