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Marketing Concept-Serves as a guideline for marketing decision making, it has the principal which focuses on changes, problems and also focuses on satisfying consumer needs, demands as well preferences.

-Shareholders use the profit to make company more effective and competitive.

-They develop business by increasing quantity of product.

-If there is high competition shareholders use profit to expand business selling, higher quality products and increase type of product.

-Shareholders use the profit to improve the social well-being of communities.

-They contribute with food and clothes to those families who can’t afford to buy it themselves.

-They contribute into education sector by providing stationary, uniform to learners and assisting student with finance at tertiary education sector.

They also contribute to charity with money food clothes etc.

1. Qualitative Research-Is all about exploring issues, understanding phenomena, and answering questions where there is whole industry negated in its persuasive research also happens in early every workplace and study environment nearly every day.

2. Early Adoption- Are the customers who had the opportunities to had the product early as soon as it ready to be used.

They experience it early, they are well educated, they are so excited to have it early and they are generally careful on their decision to take responsibility in calculating risks.

3.3 Marketing Planning

-It involves the development of detaitaism on who make up the target market, who value wil be created and delivered to customers ,what the value proposition is, and how marketing communication will be optimally utilized to obtain the desired response from the target market.

It also consists of the strategic growth strategies of the organization.

Question3 Segmentation- Is the process...

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