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BIT 575 - Business Network Systems Management

Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Product Requirements 2

CRM Proved 3

CRM Studies 5

Microsoft CRM for Professional Services 6

Project Management 6

Resource Management 7

Customer Management 7

High Availability 8

Conclusion 9

References 11


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a globally used model to manage a organizations customers, clients, and sales customers. With the use of technology a CRM application will organize, centralize, and coordinate business processes—primarily used with sales events but also those for advertising, consumer service, and technical support. The goals are to locate, entice, and gain new customers; cultivate and preserve those the company already has; tempt former clients back; and decrease the expenses related to marketing and customer service. Customer relationship management is based on the business strategies. Creating benchmarks related to the value of customer relations and measure where improvements and changes can be made. Looking at using CRM for internal business support is what this paper will be covering.

Product Requirements

Having an infrastructure technical support system to be used by system administrators and technical professionals is a very important tool. Some use a help desk based system that will track all system IT related problem and change tickets. Help desk software will accomplish this but there is so much more that can be accomplished through the use of creating a single application for IT functions and to have a central product to manage and control all IT infrastructure activities and resources. An all-encompassing application would be a Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Giving a customer efficient service creates higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

When looking at a CRM for IT professionals it may seem that it would not be a fit. IT professionals are not trying to sell products or increase...