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There are four steps an organization should take before changing its personnel profile. The first step is to project personnel needs. In this step, a matrix should be designed to organize and present a profile of expectations and job expectations. These are basic tools used for human resources planning. By obtaining current employee information and a personnel and skill inventory, this helps how qualified employees are and how well they fit in with organizational needs. A review of the expected number of vacancies for job positions should be considered in this step. The second step is to plan for achieving the desired personnel profile. This step takes more than just planning. It also requires changes to be initiated and effects monitored and evaluated. This step also used internal strategies to change personnel profiles. By changing the organizational structure, this could create positions and allow current employees to move around within the organization. By changing the job design, this could open new jobs to be selected internally. Career planning, performance appraisals, and termination could all issue changes in jobs that could lead to new job openings. It is also important to keep in mind that changes must be needed and not manipulated. Some external strategies to change the personnel profile are selection process and recruitment. After these things have all been observed and considered, a strategy must be selected and turned into goals and objectives. This leads us to the third step, implement changes necessary to achieve the plans, goals, activities, and objectives. These things should all be recorded and written out in detail in order to make the basis for human resources planning. The final step is to monitor and evaluate the effects of any and all changes made. Data and information should be collected in order to monitor the effects of changes within the organization.