Comunication Channels

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Communication Channel Scenarios

University of Phoenix

Management (MGT/521)

Communication Channel Scenarios

Every day people communicate with each other to convey information, ideas, expressions and feelings. The communication can be oral, written or nonverbal. For communication take place, must need a sender and a receiver. The sender initiated the message and the receiver is the person to whom the message is directed and the one in charge to convey a feedback. The sender must choose between different types of communication channel to convey the message. The choice of the channel depends on the type of message that the sender want to convey. The sender expects convey the message with the most information possible, efficiency and enough speed to receive an immediate feedback and avoid misunderstanding. For that reason, the sender has to choose the best communication channel.

Scenario 1

The Vice President of Operation assigned the Marketing Manager and his team develops a strategy for entering a new beverage into the global marketing. Since they have only a week to develop a strategy, the manager can convene a team meeting to provide them the product detail, organize thoughts, make statistical and receive a rapid feedback. “Face-to-face communication on a consistent basis is still the best way to get information to and from employees” (Dulye, 2006, pp. 99-101). They can get statistical analysis of costumer surveys and present an interpretation of the results. Since the nature of the situation, a team meeting will be the best communication

channel because will facilitate communication, analyzing the different points of view of each team member and avoid misunderstanding.

The better way to convey the strategy to the Vice President of Operation is a meeting in a conference room and gives him an oral and written presentation. With the oral presentation in a conference room they can avoid any distraction and can achieve the complete...