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Preface Page No.

List of Table

List of Map

List of Abbreviations

Chapter -I: Introduction

1. Significance of the Study

2. Objectives of the Study

3. Hypotheses

4. Methodology

5. Concepts and Definitions

6. Review of literature

7. Limitation of the Study

8. Chapterisation

Chapter -II: A Profile of Lakhimpur District

1. Origin

2. Location

3. Administrative Set up

4. Climate, Rain fall and Soil

5. River System

6. Population Structure

7. Agriculture

8. Industry

9. Education

10. Transport and Communication

11. Sericulture and Weaving

12. Forest Resources

Chapter-III: Poverty Alleviation Programmes in India

Chapter -IV:Genesis of Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana as a Poverty Alleviation Programme

Chapter V: Financial Support and Formation of SHGs under SGSY in Lakhimpur District

5.1 Financial Achievement

1. Disbursement of Credit under SGSY

2. Disbursement of Subsidy

1. Formation of SHGs under SGSY

1. Target and Achievement under SGSY

2. Training under SGSY

Chapter -VI: Field Survey

1. Profile of the Beneficiaries

1. Size of Population

2. Size of Family

3. Age and Sex of the Beneficiaries

4. Education Status

5. Marital Status

6. Operational Holding

2. Activities Under taken by the Beneficiaries

3. Criteria Adopted for Allotting the SGSY Schemes

4. Type of Investment

5. Adequacy of Loan Amount

6. Generation of Employment

7. Generation of Additional Mandays...

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