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HRML 80: Rooms Division Management

And Control System

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Lee Marvin B. Lagarde

Van Albert B. Cuadra

September 19, 2012

I. Introduction

Room division management and control system understands of the necessity for controls in rooms division and requirement to supervise this operation of a hotel front office and housekeeping. Room division is divided into two department the front office and housekeeping

The housekeeping department must prepare the rooms for incoming guests as soon as possible. The executive housekeeper is the head of housekeeping and therefore directly responsible for managing the all activities in housekeeping department. Housekeeping department is an integral part of the areas into which operation is divided.

The front office department is the nerve center of the hotel as it is the key source of information pertaining to guest services. It is located in the lobby area and usually facing the main entrance door of a hotel, thus it permits the easy visibility of guests coming in and out of the hotel premises and monitors great deal of lobby activities.

The communication between housekeeping and front office is very important for the success of the operation inside and outside the hotel. Rooms sold out by the front office. The front desk must know at every given moment what rooms have been cleaned and available for occupancy. Housekeeping must provide the front desk with listing of rooms that are ready for occupancy.

Room division management and control system are about structural planning of the housekeeping department linen and laundry management, and controlling operations. It is focusing on housekeeping and front office department.

II. Complete Information

A. Kabayan Hotel

Owned and managed by the Legend Hotels International Corporation, Kabayan Hotel Pasay is situated on the corner of Zamora Street and EDSA...