Quality Planning and Anlysis: Induction Cooktops

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Induction Cooktops Quality Planning & Analysis



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In the midst of gas prices and electric bills soaring, cooking has become very expensive in different parts of the world. Individuals are hence looking for economical and environmental friendly alternatives to cut down the hefty bills they are footing at the end of every month. It is this that has triggered me to come up fundamentally with an induction cook-top that uses minimal electricity, cooks faster than gas and keeps cooler than electric cot-tops when cooking.

An induction-cooker element produces a current of electricity inside the metal, of which the pan is made, and that current flow through the resistance of the metal produces heat; compared with the gas and electric cook-tops the difference is that, the heat is produced directly in the pan itself as shown in Fig. 1 below, and not in any component of the cooker.


Source: Cypress Reform 2009, p. 1

Fig. 1: An induction stove

Main features of the induction cook-top:

Has electronic power coil that generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field, which sets up a circulating electric current, which generates heat that penetrates the pan directly.

From fig. 1 above it is evident that nothing outside the pan is affected by the field, therefore no heat is lost, and the instant the pan is taken away from the element, heat production ends. Another implication of heat not being wasted is that, the cooking areas and the top of the stove remain cool thus no cases of burning hands for the user and inquisitive children, this then promotes cleanliness, because no soot is produced.

It uses electricity that is always present and at low power consumption, thus the presences of the potentially hazardous and spacious gas cylinders are eliminated. It also has an advantage of simplicity and adaptability of...