Factors Influencing Voter Turnout

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Factors Influencing Voter Turnout

There are many factors influence voter turnouts in state and local government. Voting is a main forum that each American citizen should take to voice his or her likes or dislikes concerning our government leadership. Throughout American history there has been a decline in voter turnout. Although millions of people around the world fight for their rights to vote, an attenuating number of Americans do not exercise their rights to vote. Americans should show more of a concern and alarm about the voter apathy. Presidential elections tend to draw half of the electorate, while local government attracts fewer participants. Many variables impede the voters’ turnout. We will walk through many factors that influence voter turnout in state and local government.

First, let us discuss education as a socioeconomic factor that affects voter turnout. Citizens with higher levels of formal education and access to political information tend to have higher voter turnouts. Educating our children at an early age and teaching them the definition of politics and teach children the meaning behind voting. It is up to the parents and teachers to show our next generation the way. As children, we can remember the field trips we took to our state’s capital and the discussions regarding our state senate, legislature, and how the local government is run. Our generation today should be exposed to a ballot and the electoral ballot box; even allowing our children to cast a vote first hand would teach them the meaning and the importance of having a voice. Make it imperative that they understand the importance of making their voice heard and their votes count. A persons’ education level is closely associated with income and class. Income may even have some effect on voter turnout; wealthier people are more likely to vote than someone who is less fortunate. Ethnicity, race and gender at one point in history severely affected voter turnout. At one point...