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Loblaws Company Limited |

Advanced Strategic Management |



4/5/2011 |

Executive Summary: |

Table of Contents

Introduction | |

Situation Analysis | |

External Environment | |

Internal Environment | |

Strategy Formulation | |

Strategy Execution | |

Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, & Environmental Sustainability | |

Recommendation | |

Appendix | |

Reference | |



History of Loblaw Companies Limited:

Loblaw Companies Limited is Canada’s largest retail and wholesale food retailer, with over 1,400 operations and 138,000 employees across Canada. The company was founded in 1956 by Theodore P. Loblaw. The focus was on food retailing with the purpose of providing consumers the convenience of one-stop-shopping. The relationship between the parent company of Loblaws; George Weston Limited, began in 1947, once Garfield Weston purchased 26 percent of Loblaw’s voting shares. In the year of 1953 Weston acquired a controlling share in Loblaw’s Groceterias. Furthermore, as a grocer Loblaws packages and sells brand name competitive products under its own private labels; for instance, no name and presidents choice. Loblaws operates under different names in different parts of Canada. In Ontario and Quebec Dominion, Zehr’s, No Frill’s and recently introduced Real Canadian Superstore are examples. While most stores are franchised some are still corporately owned.

There are over 13 million Canadian shoppers at Loblaw’s stores every week. The grocery chain has a 40 percent market share in Canada as of November 2010. Loblaw’s is a major food retailer in Canada which also contains a clothing line known as Joe Fresh Style, pharmaceutical products and financial services. The company has placed itself in a well positioned growth in the near future, by being consumer and service oriented as well as diverse in respect to its acquisition of...