Synthesis of Asprin

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Chem 104 Laboratory

Synthesis of Aspirin

Reference: Chemistry for a Modern Society Laboratory Manual, Wayne M. Stalick, 2003, Pages 121-127.

Data: After you are done with the experiment and have recorded the weight of the aspirin you synthesized in the lab enter your data into the database. In your measurements and calculations pay a close attention to uncertainties and significant figures.

Results: Outside of the class you are able to retrieve your data along with that of the entire class by going to the website and entering your ID (your GMU email address) and password (your SS#). The retrieval page is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. You need to use Excel to calculate the moles of salicylic acid and acetic anhydride in addition to the theoretical yield and percent yield of aspirin.

Your Excel report should include the following:

• The downloaded retrieval Excel spreadsheet called “Rawdata” which shows the data for the entire class. Make sure that you round the numbers in each column to the appropriate significant figures. A typical example of a RawData sheet is shown below:

Table 1: RawData

| |A |B |C |

|1 |Weight of salicylic acid |Volume of acetic anhydride (ml) |Weight of isolated Aspirin |

| |(g) | |(g) |

|2 |3.25 |5.30 |3.32 |

|3 |3.14 |5.82 |2.89 |

• You need to show your calculated results and graph on a separate spreadsheet called “ClassResults”. Go to Sheet2 of the Excel document and right click on this tab and name it Classresults. Here is an example of such sheet:

Table 2: ClassResults