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Ethics and Self-Disclosure Edna Student and Billy Classmate CMST& 210 – Interpersonal Communication Green River Community College February 29th, 2012

Ethics and Self-Disclosure Jonathan doesn't take anything too seriously, and he likely isn't taking a serious commitment to Jaime's offer. It is also fairly apparent that Jonathan tends to manipulate situations to his advantage, and will likely abuse Jaime's generosity. It is unlikely that I could be mistaken about Jonathan, and his comments at the party accurately represented his true thoughts and feelings. He keeps his central motivations well concealed by cracking jokes about personal


issues, so he was definitely serious about taking Jaime's offer in stride. I feel more loyal to Jaime than to Jonathan because we have a more serious business and family relationship, while Jonathan is more of a long-time acquaintance than a true friend. I will base my optimal outcome on the relationship that I have more commitment towards, and that would be my relationship with Jaime. Since Jonathan has always been upbeat and charming, his interview and subsequent hiring by Jaime was easy for him. Jonathan probably has some hidden secret that he does not like revealing to anybody. This is why he has such a prominent public face. I cannot decide though if he is real behind this public face, or if he’s just putting on a show. I do think it’s a mask hiding something. When I asked him if he was going to bail on Jaime, he probably was thinking that he got caught, and began getting defensive about it. Since I’ve known him since grade school, he’s let me into his peripheral layers, and even some intermediate layers, but not his central layers (pg. 61). So, when I asked him that question, he began putting defenses around his central layer, trying to keep me out. Since Jonathan knows a lot about other people, and other people don’t know much about him, he’s able to hide a lot of his motives. He probably views Jaime’s offer as a...

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