Raymond Roller Mill Composing Parts

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is our patent produKaolin Grinding Mill Machine Sale ct or service which can be utilized for grinding barite, limestone, ceramics, slag, and so forth. Mohs hardness of not better than 9.3 and humidity under 6% in regards to the expenditures of flammable and explosive mines, metallurgy, chemicals, setting up resources market. p>

Henan zenith Mining Machinery creates Raymond mill solutions, micro grinding, large speed grinding, grinding ring, and so forth. Our Raymond mill is featured with superior technology, high quality, recognized nationwide, powder mill and high speed milling machine would be the latest advancement from the nationwide patent.

Raymond common structure, based on their precise function is usually divided into six major parts, their name and function are as follows:

? roller: roller may be the main operating elements, it can be the part on the upper and reduced two stone disc with related material from involving the two roller pass from the abrasive roller was broken.Cone crusher

? transmission parts: the drive roller to provide many of the important do the job force, so do the two rollers at different speeds relative to your route of rotation, to be sure that roller based on a particular speed, the speed to maintain a particular ratio among the rollers.

? rolling distance adjustment structure: two radial distance in between the roller as rolling away. Lack of this institution, Raymond can't be with a number of abrasive particle size to adapt to technical demands can't be modified at any time based on Raymond grinding intensity.

Raymond arranged roller tilt, roll on roll speedier, and its bearing on the fixed in Raymond case, its area can not be moved, the subsequent roll is a slow roller via which the upper and lower bearing device can mobile bearing arm, bearing arms and rolling through the spring is linked from the regulatory companies, so slow roller position adjusting mechanism may be rolled away from your meter...