Human Developement

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Question 2: Age of student evaluated by prospective teacher

Ai Hi is 12 years old (seventh grade).

Question 3: Student’s personal, cultural, and historical experiences (250-1250 words)

Ai Hi lives with her parents and younger brother (eight years old). She was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Toronto, Canada with her family when she was only a few months old. Ai and her family live in an at-risk community with a high immigrant population, predominantly newcomers from Somalia and Pakistan. She enjoys her independence by taking the public transportation with her friends to school. With a diverse student body, in a school that embraces multiculturalism, Ai feels a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Ai comes from a hard-working, middle-income family. Her father works two jobs to meet the financial needs of the family. Ai’s mother is a housewife, but is trying to find night shift work to earn some extra income. Her parents place a high value on education and will find every means to ensure their children are successful in school. I have been tutoring Ai in her home for the past six months and as a result have formed close ties with the family. Ai and I have developed a wonderful friendship which allows her to feel comfortable to discuss her academic and personal needs. Ai is very social and has many school friends. She has an outgoing personality and is one of the top students in her class.

In addition to their educational values, Ai’s parents have also instilled strong cultural and religious values in their children. They practice Hinduism and celebrate most religious holidays with their extended family.

Question 4: Current levels of physical, linguistic, social, ethical/moral and intellectual development, and measures that led to these conclusions (500-1250 words)

In terms of physical development, Ai is a healthy, active, young girl. She avoids eating fast food and often advises her younger brother to eat healthier, as he has become...