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DATE: October 13, 2010

TO: Johnny Bravo, President Director

FROM: Tony Fontana, Supervising Manager

SUBJECT: Suggestions for Office Romance Issues

In response to your problem towards the office romance situation, I have responded and researched to come up with the best solution possible. There are four suggestions that I would like to boldly point out, and with these following policies I believe that it will result in a positive outcome. The following suggestions are:

First, we should not create a blanket policy where we would just end up with more people breaking it other than following it. What we need to do it to create a policy, where it doesn’t forbid dating, sex, or romance but prevents a “situation” from happening. This “situations” are what you would call a bad break up, or a fling. With this policy we would at least cover the area where a relationship would affect the working ethics.

Second, we would need to establish a formal Sexual Harassment policy. This would include scheduling a mandatory seminar for all employee, to stress the zero tolerance the company have for sexual harassment. Also the policy is to be posted everywhere employee has access to, and all employee handbook, and website etc.

Third, create a “special” policy that prevents:

* Office romance to be portrayed in office areas

* Favoritism between employee, and superiors

* Decreased work morale due to romance between employees

Fourth, lastly would be providing training to all managers, and supervisors. The training will include, how to address sexual behavior in the workplace discreetly, and how to deal with situations where dating starts to affect the working ethics, and morale. Training will be held at every week on the following.


Monday | 11.00 AM – 12.30 PM | Conference Room |

Monday | 17.00 PM – 18.30 PM | Rec. Area |

Friday | 11.00 AM – 12.30 PM | Conference Room |

Friday | 17.00 PM – 18.30 PM |...

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