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2.1 The information sharing interview is when the patient share information with health personal or they themselves requested certain information it can be before the admission in order to know basic demographical characteristics (e.g if one is female, their age and marital status) , general biographical health,(e.g if one has any allergies to medication such as penicillin) and financial situation, (e.g if one will be using medical aid to pay or cash) information of the patient coming to consult.

In this case Patients or if unable to their families or the administrative staff usually complete the standardised questionnaires that cover the necessary information this interview this type of information sharing interview is known as the admission interview .

The other interview known as the History-taking interview is to gather medical back round on patients like in this instance medical personal would want to know if the woman is aborting for the first time or if it has happened before.

2.2 if the women are coming in for the first time the admission interview is essential where there information is gathered for filling and if coming for the second time and so on the patient should be requested to indicate if anything has changed , for example are they still married , are they using the same medical aid as given previously.

Where the history–taking interview is concern the patient medical background should be asked even if coming in for the second time, one would ask questions such as “have you done the abortion surgery anywhere else besides here again?”

2.3 Therapeutic interviews are said to be meant to form relationships between

patients and health professionals in the case of the HPS clinics , health professionals need to establish relationships to speak to the women that come in as the surgeries to be performed can be traumatising, they need to establish the...