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Question 1

Measuring the progress using a sustainable development approach allows a board view to be taken of New Zealand’s long term environmental, economic, and social progress. In the Sustainability Development Report (SDR) 2007 of Sanford, the issues highlighted are:

1. Social sustainability

Social sustainability covers human rights, labor rights and corporate governance.

Social sustainability was pinpointed as an area that needs ‘constant improvement’ in the Sanford SDR Report 2007.

a. The changing diversity of the local workforce

b. The need for general continue training

c. The relevant of work-life balance

d. The reciprocal importance of corporate social responsibility in the local communities.

e. The importance of maintaining health and safety standards

2. Economic sustainability

f. The tight labour market in the fishing industry of New Zealand and nearby Antarctic waters

g. The related issues of stakeholder engagement

A judge of 2007 Annual Report Awards commented Sanford’s ‘stakeholder engagement, disclosures and involvement in reporting are to be commended’. These shown that the bottom line of business is no longer only financial; it is about the transparency and relationship between the stakeholders.

3. Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a progress that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sanford Environmental Management System is certified to ISO 14001 standards to ensure the ongoing focus and active administration of their environmental impacts.

h. The close connection of the marine environment to coastal communities

4. In the report of 2011 SDR Report, Sanford shown that the feeding of salmon is with no added hormones or antibiotic. They ensure that the ecosystems under the cages are not adversely affected by salmon feed or salmon faces that may pass through...