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Movie Review

Have you ever seen a human falling in love with an alien? Well in move you probably could, anything could happen in a movie right. I’m taking about Avatar the movie which came out in 2009 and it was written and directed by James Cameron the one who also directed Titanic. Avatar won a couple of award such as best picture, best animation, and best movie of the year. Doesn’t matter who directed the movie or how many award it take home every movie has it strength and weakness.

Avatar, the movie was about a guy name Jake sully, a paraplegic former marine. When his twin brother was killed in a robbery accident, Jake was then offered a mission into a distant planet of Pandora. There he discover greedy corporate intentions on driving off a native tribe called the Navi, out of there tree village in order to mine the precious mineral beneath the village. In the beginning Jake help out the greedy corporate military to gather information about the native life and build a relation with them, so that one he can then help negotiate their relocation, in exchange for his spinal surgery that will fix his legs. While Jake attempt to gather information he bond with a beautiful Alien, Neytiri. When the time came for the Navi people to relocation they refuse and will stand their ground to fight. The corporate military will pursue to take out the whole Navi tribe and the battle begins for the fate of Pandora.

One of the strongest strength in Avatar is the animation, the music and the story line. The animation was very well done specially the 3D version. The animations actually take you into a whole new world with different creature and plants. The story line and the plot were very well written; after I watch the movie I felt a very strong connected to the movie. The music that was place in the movie was very alien like, so this even makes the movie even better. Even though there not much acting in there the animation and the story line capture the entire movie, making it...