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Disaster Plan

The company that I have chosen to write a disaster plan for is company A. In the scenario for company A. They need a recommendation on how they should back up and protect network data. The plan should also protect against natural disasters that may occur in its geographic location.

In company A, the IST Department of XYZ Computers is located on the first floor. The payroll and all human resources records are processed daily and bi-weekly for 10,000 employees. Once payroll is run, the data is backed up using tapes. There is no firewall in place and email is on the same server as payroll. Due to a natural disaster all their data was lost from flooding on the first floor of the building.

In this recommendation I will discuss my recommendation to help protect the companies data from future natural disaster, and from any one stealing data from the servers. This report will include what type of RAID system should be used, and firewall. I will also discuss a system for email, to help protect sensitive data, and virus protection.

The first area I would like to discuss is the servers. The servers should be moved to the top floor toward the middle of the building. This will prevent and issues with future flooding. Having the servers in the middle of the building will keep the servers save if any damage was done to the building from the exterior.

With the company located in the southern states, it can get very hot an humid during the day and night. Having the servers in the middle of the building an a cool air condition room, will help keep the servers from over heating.

The second recommendation is to create a better back up system for all the data once payroll is complete. In the server there will be a RAID 6 set up to assure if once drive goes down, the other drives will still work. The performance will decrease, but will not shut down completely. The data prior to the payroll being ran will also be back up just in case the servers fail...