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1.0 Introduction

In the context of the workplace in today's dynamic business world, managers are often faced with dilemmas in terms of decision making. Top down decisions are often questioned from a middle managers point of view due to various reasons based on their innate values and qualities. Many a times, managers who disagree with certain decisions made by top management have problems identifying from their perspective and are rendered 'helpless' in trying to change their viewpoint on the decisions made. This report aims to identify with a specific scenario in the context of changing the business operations based on quality of work to that of profitability in relation to the case study titled "What More Evidence Do You Need." Various theories relating to ethics will be applied to the case mainly for the decision making process predicament that the main character of the case is in.

2.0 Brief Description of the Case

The case of topic revolves around the organisation known as American Medical Centre. The centre serves a majority of low income personnel whom pay through a variety of insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid. The company's strategy is primarily focused on Evident Based Management and many employees have been attending seminars with regards to this concept. This concept basically helps the organisation make decisions based on hard evidence in nature and it brings about a higher quality of care for the patients patronizing the centre. In the past, recommendations based on this concept were presented to the medical chiefs by Mark, the CEO and Sally, the Chief Medical Officer, both holding senior positions. However, Mark, has recently announced for the cancellation of the seminars due to stakeholder pressure and delegated the responsibility of presenting the recommendations from Evidence Based Management to middle managers instead. Moreover, he has placed more emphasis on the concept of Centers of Excellence whereby the focus is more on...