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REQUIRED READING: Students are required to read all materials available at the Course Materials site for this course on Specifically, the texts for this course are as follows:

Jennings, M. M. (2006). Business: Its legal, ethical, and global environment (7th ed.). Mason, OH: Thomson/West.

Ferrera, G. R., Lichtenstein, S. D., Reder, M. E. K., Bird, R. C., & Schiano, W. T. (2004). CyberLaw: Text and cases (2nd ed.). Mason, OH: Thomson/South-Western/West.

General Course Description

This course prepares students to evaluate the legal risks associated with business activity. Students will create proposals to manage an organization’s legal exposure. Other topics include the legal system, alternative dispute resolution, enterprise liability, product liability, international law, business risks, intellectual property, legal forms of business, and governance.

Course Topics & Objectives

Week One: Legal Systems of Business

• Explain traditional litigation and its application to business transactions.

• Create an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) best suited to a common business issue.

• Describe how the legal system functions to resolve business problems.

Week Two: Tort and Regulatory Risk

• Propose actions a company can take to avoid tort liability and litigation.

• Propose actions a company can take to avoid product liability risk.

• Assess methods for managing legal risk arising out of domestic and international regulatory matters.

Week Three: Contract Risk and Opportunities

• Analyze legal risk issues arising out of contract formation, performance, and remedies.

• Evaluate measures business leaders can take to avoid risk in transactions.

• Explain transaction risk arising in unique environments.

Week Four: Risk in the Employment Relationship

• Analyze legal risk arising out of wrongful discharge.

• Evaluate legal risk associated with employment discrimination and harassment.

• Evaluate the regulatory...