Learning Curve Theory Assignment

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Learning Curve Theory Assignment

Todd Hardy

OPS 571

Operations Management

Yolanda Phipps

January 10, 2010

The Pizza Parlor layout simulation actually hit home for me. I was in this type of situation as a teenager. My parents ran a pizza parlor in the small town that I grew up in. We did not have the Success and issues that Mario had in the simulation. We did not even have a mall in our town. The problems we ran into were a little different. We had sore surge times and days. Prom nights, Homecoming and high school game nights were the big nights. The streakiness was difficult to forecast. I was asked to be the chief financial officer of the store. I did not feel adequate for the position at the time though. It is not just a principle of making sure that everything balances. The practice of ensuring that total assets= the liabilities + the equity is only a part of fair and basic accounting principles. (fasb.org) This is why I felt it was more important to get some school under my belt first. “The Pizza Shack” burned down in the middle of my first year of college.

In the simulation I found that in the first scenario I did quite well. I knew that I needed to increase the number of two person tables. This may have been a result of my experience of date nights in my family’s pizza place. I set it up as 10- 4 person tables because you need to keep enough for those families. Pizza is a great family night out. It is also good for the double date scenario. I increased the number of 2 person tables to 8. This modification did not call for a change in staff in my mind. The four person tables started with a utilization rate of 99.56 and then evolved into a 95.28 with the two person tables showing a 90.36 percent. The wait time was 5.36 minutes, which personally is a big deal. I hate to wait for my food. Especially in a pizza place because you don’t have things like chips and salsa in Mexican restaurants. I think another good thing to add would be a salad bar. Nothing...