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Case Study 3: WG Wearne 12009


The accounting industry. compared financials are for a company at full called WG Wearne - a cement and aggregates Months supplier to the building 08 (LTM) period and (up /


We have looked to Interim

year 07, 08 and calculated appropriate. Revenues

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to August

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have increased


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52%). This is slightly acquisition materialised growth of

down from the 06-07 period and, according sand quarries and acquisition

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successfully experiencing

than GDP and


it operates interim somewhat.

growth the

conditions environment particular Du Pont





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market issues, in

has changed

and that they are struggling

This c~t~ on below.

with respect to debt, interest Model

cover which we comment

Du Pont Model

ROE Efficiency Profitability Leverage


18.7% 1.00 0.07 2.53


22.3% 1.03 0.07 2.91 point for a summary return on equity Efficiencies leverage rate It is clear here that to this leveraging the


are potentially

low for a

business of this size, although facie a concern

with the extended

days) this is not prima

the key issue is that they will need to fund debt repayments.

Massive decline in P\E ratio caused by the 40% fall in share price expresses the markets concern for this company Because earnings yield is the inverse of the P\E ratio, the marginal reflected as a marginal increase in earnings yield. decrease in P\E is

* Share prices were attained WG Wearne month further products unlikely times...