Coal Enterprises Need to Speed Up Technology Innovation

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To exchange the limited resources with short-term economic development is not only contrary to the essential requirements of the scientific concept of development, but also will cause gradual shrinking of the economic development . There will be no end of trouble, it will eventually block the economic development at the expense of resources. Only by vigorously developing the circular economy, new area of the scientific development can be expanded. The coal enterprises must adapt to the needs of the market development. The development of recycling economy is imperative. To further accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, coal enterprises should rely on resources to extend the industrial chain, scientific technological innovation and improve energy efficiency. The research found out that the majority of coal enterprises aim at accelerating the deep processing of coal during the formation of magnesium alloy industry chain which is from raw coal to electricity ferrosilicon. All production is a chain, the upstream part of the semi-finished products and waste downstream links raw materials.

For secondary use, the coal enterprise is to take the recycling economy. Coal is an important consumer goods, China's national economy and the efficient exploitation of coal has a huge profit to the company. Single-stage hammer crusher, fine crusher, hammer mill and other equipment should be designed specifically for the characteristics of the coal crushing equipment. Crushing ratio, high production efficiency and environmental protection need to be considered. The loss of the wear parts and equipment service life will increase by about 50%.Improving product technology content has a very important role in the development of the coal resources.

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