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Service Encounter Diary #1

Your Name: Annie Pan

Name of Firm: Sufood (舒果) Type of Industry: Restaurant

Date & time of Encounter: September 22, 2012, 19:50 PM

• What specific circumstances led to this encounter?

In order to have a friend reunion, we picked Sufood Restaurant as the location for dining and gathering together. This restaurant was recommended by a vegetarian friend who is a frequenter to Sufood. She told me that vegetarian dish can be as delicious as non-vegetarian dish. In fact Sufood Restaurant is a branch of Wowprime Group, the largest and most experienced local dining group in Taiwan[1]. The other chain stores of Wowprime Group, such as Chamonix (夏慕尼), Tasty (西提), Tokiya (陶板屋), Giguo (聚) and Wowprime (王品) provided great service and delicacy. Therefore, the past experience gave me confidence to try the food in another chain store of Wowprime Group chain restaurant.

• Exactly, what did the firm/employee say or do?

The employees were very friendly and scrupulous. After calling them for reservation, the employee called me back one hour before our dining time to make sure we were coming. Since the restaurant is at third floor, a waitress was greeting us at the first floor and informing us to go to third floor. When we arrive at the third floor, another waitress showed us our table direction. Each table has one receptionist and pays the same amount of price with various options of dish in all Wowprime Group restaurants.

Our receptionist is Ms. Hung, who is very nice and patient waitress. At the beginning, she asked us if we need full vegetarian or lacto-ovo meal [2]. She carefully introduced all seven dishes from appetizer to beverage, while we made our own selection. When the other waiters or waitress were serving, they always told us to be careful of the hot plates and stir the soup before drinking. They constantly refilled our water, took the previous dish away to make the table look neat.

However, Romeo, one of our...