Yifan Cone Crusher Always Innovation

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YIFAN Cone Crusher Always Innovation

Yifan machinery always innovation, production cone crusher for single-cylinder hydraulic structure, advanced design, compact body crushing capacity. Broken high efficiency and can produce excellent grain-shaped products. Tight side port of discharge through the hydraulic adjustment, the user can choose to automatically control a variety of different type of crushing chamber and many other high-performance characteristics. Each model cone crusher can adapt to various needs of users, easy-to-use maintenance and operations rate. Cone crusher on the road of innovation greatly customers.

Yifan cone crushers up to a dozen of the cavity shape change, and an eccentric sleeve bushing can be set up to four kinds of eccentricity, greatly enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of the equipment. With intelligent port of discharge to adjust the system to enable the crusher to maximize the performance. Advanced liner wear volume monitoring and automatic compensation function, run the data record query function, and convenient network communication functions, can significantly improve the level of equipment maintenance, and optimization of coordination and control and other equipment of the system.

Yifan Machinery is a professional manufacturer of crusher machine, produced by the cone crusher ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform particle size, suitable for a variety of ore crushing.

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