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Product Positioning

Kudler Fine Foods product positioning needs to involve a unique, consistent and recognized consumer perception about its businesses offering and image. The organic product line can be positioned on the attitude or benefit, use, price, or level of quality. Kudler can position this product line in many different ways and it will target a specific market and produce specific needs and pricing.

Kudler Fine Foods is based in China and wants to launch the organic food line locally and internationally. In there home country of China and in the United States, Kudler has competition from other businesses. The products attractiveness of how the organic foods are grown and packaged will assist the business with its distinctive approach to its marketing strategy. To beat out the competition along with offering a better product the price has to be competitive. The company can be very successful in both markets as long as the right marketing and distribution processes are researched and implemented properly.

China is fairly new to the organic product line but it is gaining popularity and experiencing rapid growth. However in the United States the organic food line profited $21.1 billion in 2008 from $3.6 billion in 1997 and steadily increasing. The introduction of new organic food lines in the United States are increasing and are very popular to its market. The international market competition will be harder than the local market due to the existing awareness and usage of the product.

KFF needs to decide how they want to present the organic food line to the audiences and also come up with different styles and approaches to deliver. After this is determined then the segmentation process will begin; ultimately who is the core market needs to be identified and who will be purchasing the product or products. The information gathered from the segmentation process, KFF can effectively create and implement a product positioning plan that will appeal to...