Mass Volume and Density Lab

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Experiment 2: Mass, Volume, and Density

Daniel Roel

Lab Section C September 11, 2012


The protocol for the experiment entitled “Mass, Volume, and Density” was followed from the Chem 101 Laboratory manual (Leurson, Theresa. CHE 101L Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry I. New York: Freeman Custom Publishing, 11-20.) and carbon copies of this procedure are attached to the back of this lab report.

This procedure was followed with the following alterations, mistakes, and corrections:

Part 1: Finding the density of Common Substances using Blocks

1. In step 2 while weighing the blocks, it was difficult to differentiate between Aluminum and Steel, so the instructor was asked to help clarify which substance was the respective block.

2. In step 3 it asks to measure the length width and height to +0.01 cm. The measurements were only recorded to 1 decimal place.

Part II: Finding the density of a cylindrical object

1. In step 2 while attempting to measure the height of the 9th cylinder, the 10th cylinder was measured and the incorrect value was recorded. This was realized and the correct height was then recorded

Part III: Finding the density of water using different glassware to measure volume

1. In step 2, it asks to measure out 10mL of water from step 1, when transferring the water into the graduated cylander it became apparent that there was only 9mL of water being used.

Data: Carbon copies of the data sheets for this experiment are attached to the back of this lab report.

Analysis and Calculations:

Part I:

1. Volume of Steel block:

V= length (l) x width (w) x height (h)

V= 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm

V= 15. 62 cm3

Subtance | Volume (cm3) |

Steel | 15.62 |

PVC | 15.62 |

Polypropylene | 15.62 |

Pine | 13.82 |

Oak | 15.62 |

Copper | 15.62 |

Brass | 13.82 |

Aluminum | 13.82 |

Acrylic | 15.62 |

2. Density of steel block:

D= mass(m) /...