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1. A: I don't feel well enough to go to the station to meet him.

B: I will meet him for you. But how I can/will recognize him ?

A: He's small and he will be wearing a black cap

2. A: This place is dirty

B: Oh, I'm sorry. I will bring you another

3. In a few minutes' time when the clock trikes six, I will be waiting for you here

4. If you call her at six , she will be probably practising the piano

5. If he work hard, he will pass the entrance exam to the university ( Câu điều kiện loại 1)

6. If you come at seven, I will be working in my garden

7. We will be pleased if our school win the match ( Câu điều kiện loại 1)

8. Tomorrow afternoon at this time , we will be flying over Carribean

9. You will not forget to lock up the house before you go out , will you?

10. Don't call him at seven o'clock tonight . He will be watching his favourite television programme

11. I will help her to look for it until she finds it

12. It will probably rain when you get back tonight

13. I will stay here until he answers me

14. If you come at noon I will be having lunch

15. If you take a taxi , you will catch the train ( câu nè nghĩa j kpo hiểu)

16. Who will look after the children when you are away?

17. The teacher hopes we will pass our exam

18. He will wait for you when you get back tomorrow

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