I Knew I Would Need a Lot of Courage to Get Through the Day...

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I knew I would need alot of courage to get through the day...It was Wednesday morning and I was on the train on my way to Crumlin Children's Hospital on work experience. I really didn't know what to expect or what I'll be doing. The only instructions I were given was to ask for Ms.Murphy at reception. I decided I would just have to wait and see. I stopped the lady with the cart going past and got some hot chocolate. I put in my earphones and drifted off.When the train stopped I got off and looked for my bus. I found it easily enough. I finally reached the hospital. I stared at the doors for some time, wondering what poor children would be inside. Would I be able to keep strong and not start crying when I meet them? I went in and scanned the foyar for a reception desk. I lined up behind a que of three.

“Not too bad.” I thought. The receptionist was blonde and seemed quite young and friendly. I was relieved, I hated asking people something when they're angry or busy, especially people I don't know. I asked her where i would be able to find Ms.Murphy, and quite abruptly, a woman looked up from her paper work behind the desk.

“That's me,” she grinned, “Here for work experience?” She seemed really enthusiastic.“Yep.” it came out not near as enthusiastic as I hoped. She jumped up and scuttled out from the desk.

“Wow...She's shorrt!” my subconcious said austounded. “Follow me.” she ordered politely and i nodded in reply.

Ms. Murphy was a short woman, and she looked like she enjoyed a good family's sunday roast every day of the week. She had a friendly warm face and didn't wear any makeup. Her hair was scrapped up into a bun, but a few strands had come loose and given it an effortless look. I wasn't sure how old she was...around mid 40's maybe. I followed her down a hallway filled with bright drawings, probably by the children. We stopped about halfway down the hall and turned in a pair of double doors on the left. It was a ward, probably the ward...