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“Creative Problem Solving

Through Weak Ties on MySpace:

Case of Crunk Musicianship

in Rising Band - Steed Lord”

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[pic], 2008

Creative Actions in Organisations

CORP 3506 - Assignment 4

De Montford University – Niels Brock Campus

Copenhagen 2007/2008


MySpace is a unique business tool, which can help create value to business and the consumer along with achieving competitive advantage. Businesses can reduce cost, increase speed and enhance relations with stakeholders by embracing this, still emerging, technology. Great value is found through weak ties in social networks and this paper examines how Icelandic band Steed Lord has taken advantage of these ties. MySpace is a rapid growing network of over 200million users and combines different network types, enabling relationships to be embraced according to the e-commerce viewpoint. With mapping networks and enhancing effective relationships, competitive advantage can be delivered through weak ties.

A case study within the music industry is examined throughout the paper, however the concept can be adjusted to various industries.

[pic][pic][pic][pic], 2008


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