Mesurment and Flow Lab

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Measurement of Flow and Uncertainty Analysis

Nikola Kotevski

Group 2

Mechanical Lab 1

Professor P. Singh


Due 12/12/11

Table of Contents


Throughout the course of the lab, the concept of flow was measured in a few different ways. The first lab consisted of measuring the flow of water as it traveled through a turbine, venturi, nozzle, and orifice. The pressure drop, change in weight, and turbine counter was recorded and analyzed. In the velocity jet lab, air was shot out of a jet at a specific velocity. A pilot tube was set in front of it and moved backwards and sideways, to collect the air. The air was forced through a manometer and the pressure was recorded


A flow meter is an instrument used to measure mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas. In the case of the lab, water passed through different vices and the pressure drop from one side to the other was recorded. The first of which was a water turbine. A water turbine takes energy from water in a rotational manner. Pressure of the water spins the motor, allowing for the attached generator to put out power. The pressure can be measured by the amount of power that is put out.

The Venturi meter has a significant pressure drop due to the background behind it. Based on the conservation of mass principles the Venturi methods utilizes, a smaller diameter will in turn produce a higher velocity coming out of the constriction. A high velocity is directly related to lower pressure. Lastly the water flowed through an orifice meter. The orifice meter consists of a flat orifice plate with a hole drilled into it. There is a pressure tap upstream and downstream from the orifice plate. All of these meters were designed in such a way that would produce a measureable pressure drop.

Flow happens for not only liquids but gasses as well. Air jet velocity can be measured in a vertical manometer. Air...