Outsourcing in the Military

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Outsourcing in the Military

Kanit Dararutana

Professor Brian Shaw

BUS 630 – Managerial Accounting

Ashford University

13 August 2012

Outsourcing in the Military

For generations, the United States Air Force and sister services have stood at America’s front door, defending freedom, civil rights, and the lives of the American public. Countless times, the USAF has proven itself against enemies, foreign and domestic. Throughout those years, the Air Force and other military entities have utilized outside companies and corporations to increase efficiency and cut military budget costs. However, whilst outsourcing is fantastic on budget papers and bottom lines, there are a number of instances when it hurts rather than helps. Varying backgrounds between outsourced employees and soldiers creates unnecessary tension and creates a barrier between the civilian and military world. Differing values and dissimilar levels of standards cause a drop in the efficiency and overall effectiveness. Outsourcing within the military is cutting federal budget costs, however, the effects of outsourcing is weakening America’s military.

Many times the United States Air Force has been referred to as a business enterprise or corporation because of the organization structure and efficiency of leadership command. It is compared to be one of the most successful business examples. Within the Air Force, there is a hierarchy of command, proper channels to route information up, down and sideways, a primary mission and statement of goals. It successfully holds its position as the “number one Air Force in the world.” Not only is the Air Force instrumental in protecting our nation’s interests, but also extremely successful at providing humanitarian aid and transportation of resources. Because the Air Force operates so closely as a business, many of the benefits for outsourcing also apply to the Air Force.

Outsourcing brings a number of benefits to a business. Many...