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“We speak”

“In a nation which is on a growth path, we need to participate in it.”

“Sustainability is about enabling people to grow better and live


“In retail, our challenge with logistics is to actually make sure that all

our installations function at world standards.”

“The key is to make people believe that this is something that they

have to protect and instill a sense of pride in their activities.”

“Proper application of technology results in more efficient


“We aim to make the customer’s life that much better… because, if

he survives, we survive.”

Mr. Sanjay Krishnamurthy,

(ED, SBU Head - Retail)

“You have to reverse engineer older outlets. We need to embed

sustainability considerations in while designing new systems.”

“Our LPG plants are now virtually garden plants.”

“Driver health and training exercises are regularly conducted by us.”

“Oil zapper project is moving ahead – taking it up on a big scale.”

“Without community engagement, you cannot start anything.”

“Our community initiatives are tailored to meet local requirements.”

Mr. S. K. Jain,

(ED, SBU Head - LPG)

Corporate Sustainability Report 2007-08


“We speak”

BPCL has embarked upon a five year journey which has been articulated in

‘Project Destiny’ (2005-06 to 2010-11) and is focused on increasing

revenue and profits. Core constituents include biofuels, renewable

electricity sources and supply chain management.

“Seventy five percent of Sustainability is about maintaining what exists

and the remaining twenty five percent is about bringing in new

dimensions for growth” (e.g. Bina Refinery in Madhya Pradesh,

renewables – biofuels and power)

“Our focus on supply chain management will help us save vast sums of


Mr A.K. Bansal

(ED - Corporate Affairs)

“We don’t intend to become a power company, our forays in to the

renewable power sector is a result of our awareness of the impact of our

operational impact as large...