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Issue: Generosity and Sacrifice


Mr. Delacruz underwent a yearly executive medical check up, in a well-known hospital in Makati. He is 50 years old and a businessman. Until recently, his business is in danger of bankruptcy as a result of the US economic crisis.

While he was resting in his hospital suite, he was informed by his doctor that a visitor wants to talk to him. The visitor related the story of a 25-year-old American scientist working on genetic engineering about to make an astounding discovery that will cure many of the diseases that plagued humankind. Unfortunately, the genius became very sick and is in need of a kidney to prolong his life. The genuis has a unique blood and tissue type and hence cannot just accept any kidney from any donor. The doctors of the genius were searching for almost a year for a compatible donor. Fortunately, the blood and tissue type of Mr. Delacruz is a perfect match for the genius. Mr. Delacruz was offered one million pesos for one of his kidneys.

If Mr. Delacruz does not accept the offer, the young doctor will die. And with his death, the prospects of the cures for the diseases that plagued humankind will die with him. If he accepts the offer, losing one kidney will inevitably shorten his life span. He will not also be able to engage in strenuous physical activity, like camping, mountain climbing and hunting. But he needs the money to save his business from bankruptcy.

If you were Mr. Delacruz, will you accept the offer?

Thesis: I will accept the offer and donate my kidney

Main points:

1. Mr. Dela Cruz is capable of donating his kidney and this will save not only the life of the scientist but also other people who will need the cure that will be invented by the scientist.

2. Mr. Dela Cruz has a unique blood and tissue type that is a perfect match for the genius.

3. Mr. Dela Cruz can use the 1 million that he will receive in his business that is in danger of bankruptcy.

4. If Mr. Dela...

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