New Pre-Screening for a Full Set of Stone Production Line Equipment

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In the past, the full set of stone production line equipment, stone directly to other substances, stone vibrating feeder to the impact crusher or jaw crusher feeding this way, sometimes stone particle size is too large it is easy to cause damage to the equipmentand thus to the production lag, thought at this stage a full set of stone production line equipment will increase the pre-screening system.

Pre-screening of semi-finished grading processing, particle size greater than 80mm, the large stone to re-enter the crusher machine GADING particle size of 40 ~ 80mm boulder after high-pressure water washing into the product container, particle size less than 40mm aggregate stone washing machine to wash the mud into the cylinder, the particle size of 2.5 ~ 40mm aggregate into among the broken stone sizing screen to reprocess, the particle size of 2.5 ~ 5mm aggregate after treatment into thetransfer hopper sand particle size less than 2.5mm, the aggregate into the water treatment system recovery. Single, double rotor impact hammer crusher crushing principle.

Crusher Machine


Crusher Machine

Pre-screening the feed rate of the control of semi-finished products, ultra-Johnson Trail, boulders, powder, clay content, mud content, the amount and pressure of the rinse water and stone oversized. The boulders quality depends on the quality of semi-finished products, the pore size of the screen, the flushing pressure of the water and wash time. Boulder clay content is not easy to control, because the surface bonding part of the boulder clay or wrapped in pink mud washing time is too short can not be washed, the need for the second rinse. Boulder Johnson Trail depends on the aperture of the sieve, but also depends on the feed rate. When the feed rate exceeds the maximum processing capacity of the screening, the boulder Johnson Trail...