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What is marketing?

‘Marketing is at the core of every organisation’ and therefore every company uses operates in every changing condition which is often outside the control of the organisation; the business uses reasonable techniques to recognize the aspects and varieties of suitable actions available and to ensure the growth of profits within the business.

In this assignment, I am going to be introducing marketing, what it means to a business and why it is important to a business. The marketing department plays a major role in ensuring the products that customer wants’ help to identify the needs of customers constantly creating products that satisfy those needs.

Fresh marketing is about categorizing ever-changing customer needs in a global market and regularly creating products that please those needs. Many companies have assumed this concept as the values that drive all of their business purpose to excel.

Companies are focusing in four main concepts:

* Production

* Selling

* Product

* Marketing

Companies then focus in four principles:

* Understanding consumer needs

* Keeping ahead of competition

* Communicating effectively with customers

* Utilising new technology


A) The general concepts of marketing are as follows:

The production concept is the capacity that somebody or a group of people have to materialise any idea or when a conceived idea is taken from imagination or conception to produce a product in reality that satisfies consumer’s wants or needs. For example customers will prefer to buy goods and services that are cheaper and widely available. Nokia 1661 is good module which sells cheap phones (£9.95). It is cheap because is mass produced; it appeals to a young generation and its affordable, which more people are convinced to buy it because of its functions.

The selling concept is when an organisation persuades customers to buy a company’s products through either aggressive selling using...