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Have you regretted any of your decisions so far?

The owner of two Casa Grecque restaurents in Quebec City has regretted not attending post-secondary education. He thinks that if he had gone to college for a degree in business, he would have been much easier to understand different aspect of business. Without the degree, he faced several obstacles from how starting a business to being able to successfully maintain it. He thinks that he had to put the extra effort and determination to understand business because for him it was not easy to start up. Education value….

Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs?

When we asked him advice for entrepreneurs, he said that the most important aspect of starting a business is to know the field. Always do something that you know and that is in your interest. Our entrepreneur that we interviewed said that he started the restaurant business because loved to cook and worked at restaurants since he was young. He did something that he loved doing in every day’s life. He thinks that you should not start a business only looking at profit levels and the money you will be making. Always do what you like! This will help you get greater chances of success for your business because you will be happy managing which means that your business will be growing. He also said that before thinking about starting your own business, you will need a plan and have a structure, but when it comes to take risk be willing. but when it cThe owner of two Casa Grecque thinks that family support he important