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Project Report on Café Coffee Day

Understanding the extent of Technology adoption by CCD


This report is in continuation to our previous report on Café Coffee Day, “Identifying gaps between the Brand’s Promise and Customer Experience”.

Through his report we seek to understand the extent of Technology adoption by CCD; how are CCD’s customers adopting certain technologies to know more about CCD’s offerings; what the barriers in these technologies are and how industries like airlines, hotels, banks etc are using these technology platforms to connect with CCD’s customers.

Customer Feedback Survey

We conducted a survey of 57 people within the age group of 18-29yrs, to understand how the younger generation looks at CCD and its offerings. The various technology platforms used by CCD to market its presence are listed below

1. Movies

2. Tie up with American Express

3. Collaboration with World Space radio

4. CCD’s website

Technology platforms

1. Movies

Café Coffee Day's strategy to connect to its main customers, youth, has had it tie up with various movie productions for in-film promotions. Movies like Dum, Bas Yun Hi, Main Hoon Na, Khakee and lately Fashion & Love Aaj Kal are perfect examples.

2. Tie up with American Express

CAFE COFFEE Day (CCD), a leading coffee chain, has established a tie-up with the credit card company, American Express, in order to provide its customers with enhanced value and convenience.

Announcing the tie-up, Bidisha Nagaraj, president – marketing, CCD said, “We are delighted to partner with American Express, one of the world’s most respected service brand. This partnership will help us in bringing great value to our customers and yet again establishing our brand promise that ‘a lot can happen over coffee’...”

According to the tie-up, customers who hold an American Express card and spend Rs 250 on weekends in CCD, will receive a gift voucher for a...