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Date: 3/17/2012

Subject: Fundamentals of Astronomy

Assignment: www.zooniverse.org Exploring Zooniverse:

I choose the topic named” How do galaxies form?” NASA's Hubble Space Telescope archive provides hundreds of thousands of galaxy images. Galaxy zoo this is website that I explored more about the galaxy and its shape and stuff. Yes I registered and tried out the website it is very interesting. The most things that attracted me to this topic that All the topics on zooniverse.org are wonderful and I wanted to know more information about all of the topics on zooniverse website, but I liked the topic the most because it shows how is the galaxy formed and the stars, moon, sun, planets and all of these are on the galaxy. So when I know more information about the galaxy its history, how long did it take to be formed, everything found on the galaxy. After that I will gather more information about stars moon, sun and planets.

I am hoping to learn from Astronomy that after I finish this course to know how was this universe formed, and know more information about stars moon, sun and planets in more details like why is does star twinkle, how many planets have rings around them, and many other questions about our wonderful universe and it is really an interesting subject and very curious to know more about It and this course is helping a lot with it and also the professor in every class tells us a lot of new information that are really useful to know and I love this class so much.

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