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Prompt Number One

I come from an apparent bad neighborhood , my only motivation to keep trying is people in my life. My school is located in the southern part of Downtown Los Angeles which is about 1 mile away from where I live. This school suffers from a few draw back such as lacked funding from the state and very low test scores. I am troubled that this school concentrates all their attention to tests rather than class performance. I do like the dedication that these teachers have for their student, however , the same can’t be said for the students here. My ethnicity is Hispanic which apparently makes me a “key demographic” for colleges who must find diversity. I am not the only one in my family who planned to attend or is attending college but it makes me strive to succeed like them. My mother keeps in touch with my 2 brother and sisters by phone and online, I personally have no direct emotional attachment to them but it’s nice to have family. My school is an entire block and the number of students attending is around 1000-2500 at the moment. In my school there has been a developed program called AVID, I do not remember the full acronym but I am sure that this program is meant for teens aiming towards college. I am challenging myself by taking apex classes and joining the schools debate team. Debate is an extra class and so far I have attended one debate event. The seniors normally attend community college but there has been recent news of a former student attending the Ivy league college of Harvard. This is promising news that I may have a chance at an ivy league aswell.