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Raymond mill grinding process

Cu-Ni-Pt ores are fed by feeder to the machine and ground between the frame and ring. airflow is inhaled by tangent line under the ring and it passes grinding zone and lifts the powders to the air classifier. there are three grinding rollers on the frame which not only rotate around the central axle but spin themselves.

Rollers expand under the centrifugal force and press the ring. Each roller has a moldboard in front of it, which is connected with the frame. the funciton of moldboard is to make the powder a revolving screen between ring and frame. The ground powder is taken to the double impellor at the top of the machine by the blower. Impellor is comprised of several plates and blades. the faster the impellor rotates, the finer the granule is. unqualified granule is dumped to the insider of outter shell of the mahcine to break. material is constantly ground and taken away. the finished products are discharged from the spiral collector.driving device decides the speed of roller, airflow force and feeding amount. the granularity of finished products smaller than 0.074mm (200mesh).

Preparation of geological reference materials are natural, uneven material from a variety of different mineral composition was prepared by homogeneous material. The basic requirement is to ensure that samples evenly and take the test in the analysis. Adaptability, representative sample within. AS will be dry, carefully pick out the debris, artificial hammer to the particle size of less than 100 mln coarse crushing of the jaw crusher to less than 6 mln samples were Raymond Powder crushing and grinding to a particle size of about 0.074mm.

50 kg polyethylene high-strength white plastic barrel and loaded in accordance with the sampling sequence interval to extract 3-5 analysis of samples; a small amount of residual sample plate mill research Grinding to a particle size of less than 0.074 mln barrels, each barrel samples taken for chemical analysis....

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