Cause of Divorce

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Anh Huynh

Pat Patterson

English 1301.081

2 November, 2012

Cause of divorce

Marriage is a happy ending of a beautiful love and a promise to be together forever between a man and a woman. However, many couples are having difficulties to maintain their marriages. Divorce is more common now than 50 years ago. There are about 40 to 60 percent of new marriages will end in divorce (Marriages & Divorce.) There are so many causes for this problem, but the three main reasons are financial issue, poor communication, and infidelity. First, some couples might have problems with their finances, such as financial status inequality, overspending, or disagreements on different spending. The second cause of divorce is the lack of communication. Couples will feel depressed and stressed, if they cannot express their emotions or discuss their personal issues with their partners. Finally, most couples want to divorce because of infidelity. Getting married means two people belong to each other, and they do not want their partners to have any affairs with others. Therefore, infidelity will destroy marriage, if one person finds out his/her spouse is cheating.

The first common issue to get divorce is money. In modern societies, women go to work and share the financial responsibilities with their husbands. However, if one partner loses his/her job, it will be very difficult for one person to earn money and pay for everything. Especially, the man will feel financial status inequality, when he has to depend on his wife. In addition, many couples are in financial crisis dues to overspending or lack of communication regarding to different purchases. For instance, ladies tend to spend a lot of money on shopping, and sometimes they buy things that they hardly use. Shopping is not bad. However, if it is out of control, it will become a problem. Some couples easily have conflicts, when they disagree on how to spend money. For example, one partner wants to save money to buy a house, a car,...