Comparing and Contrasting the Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Country Lovers

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Comparing and Contrasting The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Country Lovers

Joshua Schultz

Ashford University

Introduction to Literature

ENG 125

Donna Marvel

June 13, 2011

Comparing and Contrasting The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Country Lovers

Literature is written in many forms, whether it is a short story, a poem, a drama, or a play. Each form of literary work has its own elements that are chosen by the individual author and how that author chooses to convey their message through their pieces of literature. Some pieces of literary work are intended to be performed in front of an audience while some are meant to only be read, however, some authors construct their work in a way that can be performed or read. Some of the main elements found in a piece of literary work are: the content, the style in which it was written and the form that the author chooses to use. The content that is found within a piece of literary work is determined solely by the author and can vary in many ways. The content consists of the subject matter, the topic or topics that are chosen, the ideas that are conveyed and the statements that are made by the author and characters if any. The style in which a literary work is written is also totally dependent on the author and how they have chosen to express themselves. Style has many characteristics such as: how the author uses punctuation, the use of connotations, symbolism, and the point of view that an author chooses to take in their work also plays a large part in how the message is conveyed through a literary work. Lastly, the form in which the author chooses to write their work in, whether it be: a short story, poem, or drama, plays a role in how the literary work is constructed. Every one of these elements has an effect on the final outcome of a piece of literature and how it is received by the reader or audience.

In comparing the two literary works: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurbur...