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Assignment # 1 – Annotations

Stephanie Adler

Social Learning Theory Annotations:

Theory: children on the playground will learn by interacting with each other

* Paralleling concepts – observational learning & modeling

* Albert Bandura – learning is observational and can be influenced in 3 major ways

* Environment

* Person

* Behavior

* Vygotsk – “apprenticeship in thinking” – modeling theory

* Include: personal aspects, patterns of behavior, learner’s environment

-Interpretation and perception of social interaction is – role modeling

* “Reinforcement”: internal/external and positive/negative

* Positive reinforcement is positive feedback for an approved action/characteristic

* Negative reinforcement is negative feedback for an unapproved action/characteristic

* Internal reinforcement is self –formed and is demonstrated by the feeling produced when external reinforcement in given

* External reinforcement is observed when a child seeks approval from an outside source such as parents or other individuals

* These factors can be observed mainly through the interaction of others with their elders.

* Children will seek positive reinforcement mainly from their parents, older siblings

* Parents will seek positive reinforcement from their parents and others their age at the park

* “Identification” – children first imitate those closest to their characteristics (gender, family, age), then branch out to opposing genders and other characteristics.

Park Observations:

* Family environmental influences – Parents with younger children pause conversations frequently to scope out their children. This is done less frequently with the older kids (ex: ages 5 and 6) The frequent eye contact with children demonstrates a desire for them to stay close and the children act as though they are aware of their parent’s desires.

* Modeling – Children repeatedly follow...