Internet Sex Crimes

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Internet sex crimes are any sort of unwanted or illegal sexual advances on another person using the internet. Typically they are conducted in chat rooms where an older person plays a younger person to take advantage of a child. Since the inception of the internet there have been many good things but every year there is more cyber crime, identity theft and other criminal activity occurring but some of the most heinous crimes occur on the most popular locations on the internet. Facebook and MySpace are immensely popular due to their social networking features, but what stops a person from pretending they are someone else to take advantage of others? There are increasing amounts of cyber sex crime than ever before and there are steps being taken to prevent them. The best way to combat these crimes though is just knowledge of the internet and how to protect oneself and their children, the most often targeted victim. Children are the most common targets due to their lower level of comprehension and their much higher level of trust for complete strangers. This paper will exam and detail the crimes and their recent trends along with ways to protect oneself.

With the advent of the Internet there have arisen many new crimes in the United States and the rest of the world. New breeds of criminals have come to this new domain, one where animosity is the biggest problem. Anyone can be anyone on the Internet, which is the scary truth. Some of the most heinous criminals target children, for sexual exploitation. This has become a huge problem in recent years with the enormous popularity of online chat rooms and social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. Where grown adults can pose as children, to meet up with children, sometimes without even the parents knowledge. This is also an enormous problem outside of the United States, in Europe and Asia, where internet policing does not have the power it does here in America. The world is facing a great problem...