Culture Differences

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|Literature Review |Cultural differences and conflicts in tourism focusing on Western Tourists inn|Thailand


Cultural differences and conflicts in tourism focusing on

Western tourists in Thailand.

Cultural differences are one of the most popular factors that attract people to travel. People tend to travel because they want to discover something new and unique that cannot be found in their hometown. Since the number of travelers with different cultural background in Thailand is increased continuously, consequently knowing, understanding and accepting the cross cultural characteristics including differences are an advantage for both Thai and foreign tourism practitioners. Moreover, tourists have their reasons for choosing destinations and services which is based on their culture and environment. And in order to respond and provide the right service is not only to meet the customer’s needs but to delight and make it beyond expectation.

In different country also cause the difference in cultures, expectations, and rules. Rules that are applied in particular culture may not get accepted wildly from citizen in other countries and may create the misunderstandings, misinterpreting, confusion or even conflicts. Moreover, it can leads to the difficulties in interaction with local people (Reisinger & Turner,2003). Therefore it is essential to learn the differences in cultural backgrounds of Thai people so that Western tourists can have the most pleasurable experiences while traveling in Thailand no matter the purpose of staying are studying working or travelling because it can create the great impact and even the positive word of mouth towards Thai tourism. So, this paper will focus on the general information about the characteristics of Thai culture and common behaviors towards westerners’ eyes so that to understand the cultural...