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The main reason for the opposition for globalization in the last twenty years has been due to the resource curse. The strict opposition to the equality of all nations and warring among nations has created a war among the people as well. Organizations such as the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, and the Group of Eight (G8), were created to counteract the opposition to this curse and to establish growth in underdeveloped countries as well as the global superpowers. But in some nations, this has not stimulated the economy and caused growth in all areas of all nations thus leading to lack of effectiveness and efficiency.

In order to understand the opposition we must first understand what obligation each organization has and what purpose they serve. The World Trade organization main goal is to monitor international trade. The International Monetary Fund was created in light of the Betton Woods conference to maintain and stabilize exchange rates among the countries. The Group of Eight (G8) is comprised of the eight governments of the largest countries. However, these organizations to do nothing to counteract the resource curse when a country cannot use the wealth it has accumulated and cannot maintain a regular and stabilized standard of living. For example the conflict diamonds also known as blood diamonds. These diamonds caused civil wars in Africa and spurred the creation of the Kimberly Process designed to keep conflict diamonds off the world market. The economy in these nations have not grown , and have done nothing more than create deeper depression in war torn parts of the countries and made richer nations richer accentuating the vast inequality between warring nations.

Most of the opposition comes from the underdeveloped countries with less education. This is created by the fear of instability and governments that overpower the people to keep them in impoverished nations. They feel that it undermines the role of the elite...