New Parent-Children Relationship

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New Parent-children relationship

With love and care of parents and family, babies are bought to this beautiful world in the light of god’s will as the crystallization of love. Some Chinese people hold the opinion that babies are the new carrier of their dreams that missed in their youth, while others consider children as an individual with totally different life track. Delight for the sake of children’s happiness or sorrow caused by children’s sadness are common feelings that evoked by sincere love and will influence the shape of children’s traits somehow. Because of the tight connection of parents and children, the relationship between them has been an enduring topic that argued from generation to generation. As far as I am concerned, there are three types of parents-children relation. But in some way, it is only one type.

Blood relationship

This is about the respective obligations of parents to children and children to parents. Given the fact that this kind of relationship comes in a common and easy way, many people neglect the essence that an individual should bear the obligation of parenting their child as a moral principle to take responsibility of their behaviors. In other words, it is parents who brought him into existence so that they should equip him until he can survive as an individual adult.

Every parent has the duty to provide his or her children with the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, and shelter. However, the most important elements impact the whole growth process of a child is love that his parents pour on him. It is also an obligation for parents to give a stable environment to their children by maintaining an unbroken domesticity. Once the balance of a family is broken, kids are always the biggest victims. The hurt even can lead them into a wrong direction in their life path. Nothing can fix a broken heart. They are brought to this world without active choice, how can they be hurt in the same way?...